Kids Helping Kids

Stephanie did just turn 7 years old. She wanted to do this because when her little sister was in the hospital last year for a heart procedure, she noticed that the DVD/VCR and a lot of the toys in the playroom were all donated by Coles Closet and she wanted to help other sick kids just like Coles Closet made it easier for her little sister to be in the hospital.

CJ's Books "I thought giving books to kids in the hospital would help them not be scared."

Allison Bennett collected toys for her sixth birthday. She had plenty of toys already and "wanted to be nice and make the children in the hospital feel better."

Sarah wanted to help some kids this year for her birthday, so she asked that her guests bring toys for Cole's Closet.

James Harris donates gifts, he received for his birthday, to Cole's Closet.

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